What is the B2B Whisperer?

Why We Want to Help

Israel, the Startup Nation, is filled with people that have dreams of making it big in the business world. As our name says, we focus on the B2B, or if you prefer E2E, space. After working with companies like Citibank, IBM, Lowe's, Crayola, W.L. Gore, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ECI Telecom, Burger King, and Ryder among other Fortune 100 companies, we realized there was a need to help worldwide startups prepare for these companies.

The B2B Whisperer helps companies look, feel, act, sound, and talk like a company an Enterprise would want to work with them on their business.

Keith Brooks

Our Chief Whisperer

My goal is to help every startup reduce the barriers they face when selling to bigger organizations and Enterprises.
Our 12 step plan ensures you have a better chance at the sale than you would have had on your own with no guidance.
It takes 2-3 months to set you up for success.
Are you ready?
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