Assisting you with your pitch, look, feel, attitude, direction and efforts to be seen as a player in your niche of the B2B world.

Quick Response

Need a quick and clean makeover? Short on time before your pitch meeting? As long as you are willing to bend to our requests, we are happy to work with you at the last minute. One thing or a dozen, we can get it done for you. Are you up for it?


Do you feel your pitches are not working? Have you taken a good look in the mirror and realized you may be a great coder or founder but a bad speaker? We can't make you Steve Jobs but we can work with your style and ability to produce the best pitch forward.

Screen Presence

Can your site and social media accounts survive our 12 point test of B2B viability? Click here to provide your details and we will create a report that highlights what you are doing that is preventing you from being respected by the companies with whom you want to do business.

Are you a Startup in need of a B2B makeover?

What is holding your company back from more business sales? Do you know? Don't blame the sales people! You are in need of a refresh of your external marketing materials, website and social media efforts.

Could you change everything in one day?

We think so. Well, we know you can work with us and our one day workshop which would produce the goals, directions and plans to bring about the changes that you require in order to better serve and sell to your B2B customers.

Are you an established company looking to reconnect with your Business Partners?

You were on top once upon a time, but now you are fighting to stay relevant. Your Business Partners and Distributors are fewer every year. It may be your product line, but more likely has to do with the relationships you have lost with the people and businesses you needed the most.

B2B Whisperer advises you on how to get your mojo back by revitalizing your Business Partner ecosystem and jump start your sales. If this is of interest, inquire about this further here.

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Keith Brooks, Chief Whisperer

Keith has managed and advised teams across the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Israel and Russia.